IF and the City

I used to feel sad when I watched the episodes with Charlotte failing over and over again while trying to get pregnant. Little did I know that my own attempts would lead me on the same sad journey. We've now passed 4 years in the trenches. 6 failed IVF/ICSI cycles = nothing. Time for something new - donor eggs. Success at last. Now for round 2.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Plan

So we've achieved a few things in recent weeks here at 'the city'. The Go Gate was getting my scan - ruling out fibroids or anything else that might impede a cycle.

That done and all being as it should (and hello to you d.cam) here's how we're looking:

1. Next appointment booked for me to check in on my cycle as it's being tweaked to match Star's via the bcp.
2. Appointment booked for Star ... here
3. Flights booked

We have a couple of other things to do ie get a prescription filled for the sniffin' drug (for me), updated blood tests and semen analysis for Mr. Star.

We have a cycle plan.

Think I mentioned it before, but Star will be doing an Antagonist Cycle due to the strange outcome of our previous cycle.

The doc. and I had a chat about the many things that went wrong in the cycle that could have at least attributed in some way - Star was never told to stop taking the bcp (her hormones were slow to start rising), she was never told to switch to a new syn.arel, a bunch of things. Basically she was injecting for longer than you would expect, and from what I've read and the scientist mentioned some women's eggs do not fare that well with too much Pure.gon.

Either way we're doing it all different this time, so let's see.

In other news, I found childcare. I'm also really happy with it and it's pretty convenient. I figured we're just not going to get in where we want (round the corner) at least for the foreseeable future. The whole thing was leaving me pretty powerless (ahem), so I have found somewhere else.

At this point I'm waiting to hear if work can accommodate me back 3 days a week. Fingers crossed.