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I used to feel sad when I watched the episodes with Charlotte failing over and over again while trying to get pregnant. Little did I know that my own attempts would lead me on the same sad journey. We've now passed 4 years in the trenches. 6 failed IVF/ICSI cycles = nothing. Time for something new - donor eggs. Success at last. Now for round 2.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Day Before

My Potential Blood test.

Haven't done a urine test yet, not sure why, I think its because I never really did them in the past. I have a few little superstitions and rituals I stick to.

Other than that, I really don't know where I am.

The pessaries cause so much confusion with the side-effects. I wake up every morning feeling like I have a hangover, I'm exhausted, I feel like I have a cold. None of these things are actually pregnancy-type symptoms that I've ever heard of.

So I'm not feeling that confident. Yeah, thats a way of saying it, without actually saying what I really think.


I think when I do my blood test, I might just ask about the next steps with a frozen transfer. I've never done one before so its completely new territory. That way, I already have my Plan B. in place, and then I'll feel okay.

One thing I've achieved in my 2WW - I'm finally licensed to drive! Big deal I know, but I put it off so long I had to do it the hard way - 120 hours logged driving before I could sit.

Okay, till tomorrow.


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