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I used to feel sad when I watched the episodes with Charlotte failing over and over again while trying to get pregnant. Little did I know that my own attempts would lead me on the same sad journey. We've now passed 4 years in the trenches. 6 failed IVF/ICSI cycles = nothing. Time for something new - donor eggs. Success at last. Now for round 2.

Friday, September 12, 2008

First Scan

This morning ...

8 on the right, 5 on the left ...

Two are at 15 already, so we're having another blood test tomorrow morning to see how we're looking. The others are all around 10.

Star starts taking the suppression shots tonight at the same time as her pure*gon.

Monday we both go in for scans and bloods - we could be triggering Monday night with a pick up on Wednesday! If not, then Friday.

Star's response has been very different this time to last ...

Nervous and excited.

It's hard not to get carried away when the clinic are so confident we'll get great embryos .... and even talking about having some to freeze. I'd love to roll around and enjoy that confidence, but with our last cycle I'm trying to keep everything real.

We spent the day together and had a nice lunch, a really nice relaxing time.


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